The Best Pizza In Rochester NY Just Got Better With 585 Pizza Design Studio!

best pizza in rochester ny

The artists behind these great pizzas are constantly perfecting their craft working on the greatest combination of pizza, design and taste.  

585 Pizza Design Studio uses only the best pizza in Rochester NY and that pizza comes from The Pizza Stop. When you receive the pizza it will be uncut as to preserve the integrity of the image.  After you get to where the party is and are admired and congratulated on such an original idea, just pop the pizza in the oven and enjoy!


Situated in the downtown Rochester staple, The Pizza Stop, 585 Pizza Design Studio set out to redefine what you think of when you think pizza.  Without any real major innovation as to how the pizza is presented in recent memory, we decided that not only can a pizza be metaphorically be considered a work of art, it should also be a literal work of art.